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Latvian brand and bridal salon Aenri the wedding dress and evening dress manufacturer has reached leader positions in Latvian wedding fashion market. Our wedding dresses has been delivered to brides all over the world including England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Greece and even Japan.

We have proven our brand on segment of exquisite and high-end wedding dresses, where is high competition and the “entry ticket” does not come easily.

Our master-designer who formed the concept of wedding fashion in Latvia, Olga Mitrofanova, creates dresses that complement your personality.

Probably her success lies in fact that she delicately feels the mood of the newlyweds and knows what they really want. The success of the brand is growing, the Aenri salon participates in profile exhibitions, makes photo and video sessions.

Style by Olga Mitrofanova is artistic taste and skill combined with European quality and the best materials from all around the world. It is beautiful combination of exquisite elegance and tenderness in every dress creation of which she takes direct participation.

Our collective is already working on new collection 2019. We appreciate everyone who takes part in our photo sessions. Thank you! Olga teach her skills to young designers who turns their ideas into reality.

In the Aenri salon, each bride finds her dream dress. With the subtlety and variety of outfits, you can see both on our webpage and in reality. Please contact us by tel: +37126328008 or e-mail: aenri@inbox.lv

See you lovely brides!  ❤🎀💎🌺🛍



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